Wednesday, January 4

missing my sch00l....*part 1

year 2001....i am registered t0 an all girls sch00l


acc0rding t0 da sch00l magezine - GEMILANG PUTERI
this sch00l is 0rganized by the father 0f the nearby church
*actually,the church is next t0 the sch00l
this is h0w

`National School Convent Father Barre (SKCFB) exist on the recommendation of a Roman Catholic priest Rev. Father ribbons. This school was founded on 15.02.1933 Rev. efforts.Mother Tarcisius......`

that`s sh0ws h0w 0ld is my primary sch00l is
why did  i p0st ab0ut this.??
i`m n0t sure why
just t0 fill up my leisure time i guess
while i`m writing this p0st
all th0se memory 0f being a primary sch00l student came like the great niagara falls..
i still remember  the 1st day 0f sch00l
i remember it exactly
i was put int0 class 1 rajin
but when it was time t0 line up f0r the 1st assembly
i actually lined up at the 0ther class
that is 1 setia
like any 0rdinary assembly
the students were asked t0 walked 2 by 2 t0 respective classes
and the class teacher entered
names were called t0 make sure that all students is in the class
*bec0use s0me students are w0ndering ar0und 0r crying t0 their parents sh0uting `mak,xnk msuk klas..!!` n etc..
by the time all the students name were called
i w0nder where`s mine
n suddenly my dad entered n asked the teacher whether she had seen 0r any student that d0esn`t bel0ng  in the class
it was ME
the sch00l c0ntinues...
here c0me the UPSR
alhamdulillah i manage t0 answer the questi0ns
& i was surprise t0 f0und 0ut that the ketua pengawas was my english tuiti0n teacher
MR LEE - he is the english teacher at sekolah rendah kebangsaan ibrahim
plus he is my br0ther`s teacher
during exam
he`ll c0me t0 me while smiling & asked did the paper was `0K` 0r `K0`
the result day
i`m in line waiting turn t0 take my slip
my sister came t0 me n say `kak,ang dpat 5A`
i was just like what the
h0w d0 y0u kn0w.??
i didn`t believe it at 1st
but later when i l00k at the slip,its true
n then my dad came t0 me n said, `ayah taw la anak ayah dpat brapa..tahniah.!`
i`m s0 happy
i`ve went all 0ver the sch00l t0 search f0r every teachers that had teach me since i`m in standard 1 until the last days bef0re i entered the examinati0n hall
that 5A f0r my UPSR is the present t0 all my teachers that had taught me