Saturday, October 27

group 85 → KOREK-koreK BAU

peace be upon you~!
sobaghul khair...!

last entry post was my muqaddimah on my life at CFS IIUM....hmm
now i an gonna to write it all out....*let's see if i can still remember them...
btw,i gonna write a simple post this time...maybe a bit longer & more detail in le next post~

first of they are...

yup...that's le name for our group... pelik.?? so what......jeles lettew.. hahahaaa

rough intro about le members..
le brothers --> azizi,makjun,aqil,haikal,pokpeace,azmir,azli,azrul,fariz,KZ,jiman & le class rep iskandar
le sisters --> rtin,tiqah,alin,eikien,hani,husna,shaq,fatina,eliza,fatin & me~

who they are.?? we're group 85 (according to physics department)
we're are le students from sbp...mtd...mrsm..even normal everyday doesn't matter now coz now we are at CFS (Centre for Foundation  Studies) IIUM,PJ.....SPM is pursuing our an ENGINEER insya'allah~

once there is 13 bros & 11 sisters....but after fariz (yellow tie) left due to his intake for MARA at KMS there's only 23 of us... seriously.... we sure miss our woody allen~ heee :3

currently we're having our semester break be4 checkin'-in bak to CFS in 11-nov-2012 (holidays only for 2 weeks) Also we're just done with our final sem 1 exam...waitin' for le result for english,arab,computer 1 & physics 1 is killing us~!

 #some of the activities that we'd done together#

starting next sem we may not be te same group all together....some will be must it won't be the same w/out them... ana uhibbu lakum jamiia~ <3

asssistant of le class rep,